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Re: Noise in my apartment

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I just moved into a new apartment and found the noise at night. It sounds like a big exchust fan running 24 hours. It is not loud but I can hear it clearly at night. I have some difficulty in sleeping now. The agent didn't tell me this when I rented the apartment. I really feel bad as I think they should tell me this. It is difficult to hear it at day time and I cannot find it by just coming to have a look. How can I protect myself?
You can do the sound level measurements, but if it's a fan or part of a building installation then I'm pretty sure that the sound level is within the legal bounds.

Sorry to say that, but renting a good apartment is a rocky road. There's plenty of gotcha's to watch out for. Look at the forum - at least you don't have toddlers above, neighbours working on night shifts, people with certain affinity towards noise and parties, etc. You could have done some basic reconnaissance before renting the place - asked the neighbours (there might be people for whom the noise is acceptable but who are aware of it). If the noise is within the legal bounds then it would be good to find out what is the source of the noise and then. It might just need some fine-tuning or maintenance - talk with consierge, etc.

PS. If it's monotonous humming then ear-plugs should be perfect. Some would like such sound as it tends to mask other more artificial ones. However this is a very individual issue...

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