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Re: Interactive brokers in Switzerland

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Hi everyone, I read many posts here but I still could not figure out if I am obliged to declare my investments to the Zurich authorities. I have less then 10k invested through IB in US ETFs. As I understood so far from various blog posts is that I issue a DA-1 if I want to reclaim some of the taxes I paid through IB and not to necessarily declare and pay further taxes to the authorities, is that right? My dividends are really low and I donít think I want to bother declaring those just to get 15% back. The story is different though if Iím obliged by law hence the post here. Thank you.
Note that you can only ask for dividend withholding back if you are asking for at least 100 CHF reimbursement, which would mean that your ETFs paid 666 CHF of dividends - probably no the case for you with 10k ETFs, unless they are really high dividend paying ones.

Whether you must or must not declare your ETFs really boils down to whether you must or not file a full tax return. If you file a tax return, you need to include all your assets. There are many criteria that mean that you must file a tax return, so you need to figure that out for yourself. A few to mention (hitting any would require you to file a tax return):
- Being a Swiss citizen
- Being married to a Swiss citizen
- Having C permit
- Being married to a C permit holder
- More than 120k of annual income
- (ZH) More than 3k of annual income that was not subject to Swiss withholding
- (ZH) More than 80k (160k if couple) of total wealth
- you filed a full tax return in the past

If you still quality for DA-1 but don't have to file a tax return and you're asking if you can only submit DA-1 without a tax return - I'm not sure
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