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Re: Kitchen renovation, from a buyer's viewpoint?

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With the cabinets... If you don't mind them, I'd just leave as is and just replace the appliances. Or if you really want to make them lighter, maybe you could paint them? I know that's " the thing" now in the US -- painting your kitchen cabinets when you can't easily afford new ones.
That projection is nothing fancy, parents renovated kitchen back in... 2013 I think and even cheap dishwasher they went with had it. If you don't have front panel (aka dishwasher is completely hidden and looks just like the cabinet) this is great.

I unfortunately showed my weakness when buying kitchen for our apartment some 7 years ago in Ikea and took their (Electrolux) dishwasher after IKEA designer in store insisted its best fit and I held Electrolux among better producers (not anymore for many, many reasons). It doesn't have any front panel nor any projection, so you have no clue if it finished, unless you sit nearby for cca 3 hours. But that's detail compared to how bad it washes compared to any other dishwasher I ever worked with, even with frequent salt replenishment. Very bad decision... never ever take appliances that Ikea offers.

As for OP's question, we recently bought biggish apartment and kitchen was some 15 years old. Not great, not terrible, especially when moving from basic rental ones. Of course if there would be brand new kitchen which is using (a bit weird but not cramped) space effectively and does look decent, we would be glad. But if we would be charged ie 30k for something cold, weird set of appliances (ie we want a basic 90cm fridge, tired of constantly battling for space in both fridge and freezer) then this would be a problem (maybe not showstopper, buying is a 1000 pros and cons process).

The problem may be that some non/trivial amount of folks here (way more often women) seem to be set for perfection. Or to put it different way - emotions dictate decisions more than reasons. Thus they search and search and waste half their useful lifetime on this, instead of grokking that real estate really shouldn't be the source of one's life satisfaction, rather just a place to rest between actual important moments.
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