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Wealth tax on permit B

My wife has just joined me in CH, she found a job and will most probably get a B permit sometime in June -> she will be Quellensteuer'd by default. We are in canton ZH.

But she has a property abroad, value is uncertain, but let's say she declares it as 200K. This is past the 150K no-tax wealth limit for married couples in ZH, so IIUC she will have to pay wealth tax on it.


1. Will she have to do a separate tax return next year, or will the Quellensteuer do it all automatically?

2. Will she have to pay some extra amount of money (if yes, how much?), or will she be taxed just by her tax rate adjusted?

3. Do I have to do anything? Does my wealth change just because we are married and she moved here? The property is not in my name, it's hers. Does that matter?

The best info I could find was on the PWC website (, but I don't understand either column:
  • "Basic tax on column 1"
  • "Percentage on excess"
Maybe these are references to a tax return sheet?

I spent the last hour googling and reading and I'm just more confused now, maybe things are simpler than I think they are? Any info is appreciated.
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