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Re: Cheap phones may not be worth it.

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I bought this one and never looked back
That was fantastic!

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That is what they want you to think.
Agreed. However between the two major players, Apple has a vested interest in selling you more stuff, and thus a vested interest in at least trying to be true to their word, because if they're caught in a lie it would harm future sales. Any claims that Google makes about Android privacy are deception.

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If you have a mobile phone and want to either receive or make phone calls, or both, then your telecom provider has to know exactly where you are. Such information is stored in their database so whether Apple or Android phones keep such information is irrelevant.

When I worked for a telecom provider it was a daily occurrence for the police to call and ask where a phone was at certain times and dates.

Edit: There are unverified claims that US intelligence agencies and other parties regularly distribute software that enables them to track your phone even if switched off.
If you carry even a dumb cell phone, your location is known with precision to at least one third party, and likely many more third parties.

I've also seen claims that US intelligence agencies (and their friends) can turn on your phone, your phone's camera, and your phone's microphones. Given the incredible sophistication and design of Stuxnet, I'm inclined to believe the claims.
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