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Re: Buying a Home? (vs UK)

Moving over to Switzerland next month, will initially be renting but having had a look on a few immobilier websites have noticed that I would get proportionally much more for my money in buying a place. Which leads me to two questions:

1) Am I legally entitled to buy any property, or is there some kind of local/open market arrangement?

2) What is Swiss house price inflation like compared with the UK? If for example I sell my place in the UK, buy a place in Switzerland and then go back to the UK in 5 years will my total equity be substantially less than if Iíd just kept the UK property and rented it out? (I understand this isnít a black and white issue but in general have other posters thought similar)
There is a webpage that might answer a few questions you might have:

1) Depending on the type of permitt you get, you can buy a property.
2) The inflation for the houses here in Switzerland is nothing compared to the UK. When we bought the house from my mum, we went to UBS for a mortgage advice etc and were told that the market in Switzerland is fairly slow on picking up the price changes that exist in UK & USA. According to the UBS mortgage specialist it always takes a few years for the property market to change here in Switzerland.

Also out of experience:
In the UK & USA people are aware (thanks to the many programs about how to "do up" your house) that you sell a house better if you give it a bit of "TLC". When my mum tried to sell her house (built in 1984), the estate agent strongly discouraged her from doing anything to the house (like renovating the kitchen or renovating the bathrooms etc) as the estate agents say that it does not do anything.
Also Swiss people still tend to buy ONE house and stay in that house for the rest of their lives. We only know of 2 couples that have bought more than one house over the years.
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