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The information that I had from my GP is:

The flu vaccination cannot cause you to get flu.

Some people do experience side effects that appear similar to flu.

It does not protect against every strain of flu. New ones develop each year. This is why it is necessary to have the vaccination every year.

You can still get very bad colds. These are not the same as flu.

The combination of these factors may lead some people to believe that the vaccination has not worked, or has had a bad effect.

Additional supplements such as Echinacea or vitamin C should help to improve your immune system and help to avoid colds & flu. Keeping fit, good diet etc. will also help.
Yeah, you're right of course, just feeling miserable n' moany. Think it is just a very bad sinus head cold on one side with yucky fever.. and anyway if this means I'll not get anything in December when the holidays are here I'll be content
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