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Re: Moonlanding a hoax ?

I thought of that too and looked into it. Apparently even with things like the hubble telescope we can't see enough detail on the surface of the moon. Check this wikipedia article for the details. With spy satellites being able to read a newspaper I found that a bit much, but that's what they say... So unless we get some new technology we can't settle that question once and for all.
Yes that would be hard to settle since the ones who are responsible for all this, have the most advanced technology for themselves. They would probably never allow outsiders to observe without permission. All this is so obscure !

As I understand it the whole race to the moon thing was nothing more than an exercise in national pride. Since there isn't a soviet threat of missles on the moon, there isn't any reason t go back I suppose. If someone finds oil on it though it could be different...
If I was an astronaut today I would do anything to follow Armstrongs footsteps ! And If I was a researcher my biggest dream would be to discover the moon. I simply can't believe that the U.S. does not invest into more moon llandings ?! A base on the moon would be even more prestigious than anything else on earth. However they might just save money and spend it on laser guns or mars exploration. Could be true.
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