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Re: Is Switzerland really better than South Africa then?

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From a lot of what I've read on this forum it seems that many people are not ecstatic about living in Switzerland, IF they are not really well off?

A lot of South Africans (I mention S Africans because I am one) and other people too- say things like, SO WHAT IF
  • A nice piece of meat is almost unaffordable
  • One needs to stay in a tiny apartment in a high rise block
  • Even good quality fruit and vegies are unaffordable
  • The weather is not all that
  • We cannot afford to eat out at a restaurant
  • You have to do your washing in a communal area
Who cares about the above, because we have:
  • Stunning scenery
  • You can ride your bike around
  • You are SAFE to walk around at night
  • The schools are great
  • Insert any other positive things about Switzerland
Yes it's all about choices, but it's damn difficult. What is life without the first series of points mentioned?

To be fair, Frank101, I've said this before on the forum but I think it is a valid point here, too. Most people will post if they have a whinge (expensive meat, tiny apartment, having a bad day cos it's cold, etc.). These posts far outweigh the posts which say "I love it here in Switzerland and don't have any major complaints" because those posts aren't juicy and prompt a million replies of "you're right" and "no, you're wrong" type discussions.

Come with an open mind and let it happen. If the worst comes to the worst you can always go back to South Africa...

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