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Re: Bilingual French-German schools in France near Basel?Anyone experiences these

Many thanks ElieDeLeuze and J.L-P.
Yes correct I have sarted a thread bt the second one is actually more pointed and was asking for direct feedback of parents who experienced the bilingual French-German in French public schools. Yes I have attended a information session at a public school. What I meant by not dedicated was the impression I had at this open evening. This compred to what I have experienced in the past, regardless of the fact that it was in the U.K.where the teachers more passioned by their topics and about the childrens. What you stated about the French education, being more strict and less supportive, somewhat comfots the impressions I have sofar. Sorry ElieDeLeuze, no disrespect meant at all.

Anyway, thanks again for your help and may be we will reach the right decision
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