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Re: Off Piste - Avalanche Receiver needed?

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I have the Pulse Barryvox from Mammut. Dead simple to use (what you want if you really have to use it). I don't have time at the moment to check but I seem to remember reading that the North American settings (frequency) is different from Europe.

You might want to check before buying an American receiver to be sure you can switch the frequency (if my memory is correct) so it works here. Would be a shame to buy something to find out that it won't work here.
After doing some research on a feature of the Pulse Barryvox that Eire alluded to, you are correct regarding a different frequency used between North America and Europe. It is not the main send/receive frequency of the unit but a separate frequency used for two Pulse units to relay certain information like presence of heartbeat or a user id. Here's a link:

and a quote from that page:

"The Pulse has a separate “W-Link” frequency that allows Pulse units to communicate additional information with each other. Europe and North America have different W-Link frequencies, and in Asia use of either frequency is prohibited. (See map in user manual for geographical details.) Pulse units purchased in Europe can be switched by the user to operate on the North American frequency. Pulse units purchased in North America must be modified by a Barryvox service center to operate on the European frequency, but then after this modification, such a unit can then be switched back and forth by the user in the future. Any Pulse unit purchased anywhere can have its W-Link frequency switched off by the user for operation in Asia."

So, to avoid the hassle of sending the unit in to be modified, buy the unit here in Europe. Here's a good store where you may be able to save a few Francs:
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