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Re: Is There An Indian Or Chinese Take Away In Lugano??

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One thing that should be mentioned is that these fresh spices should be kept refrigerated at all times and that they do have a very short recommended consumption date.

I never refrigerate spices since they tend to pick up fridge smells very easily. I don't want my eggs to smell like garam masala, or my garam masala to smell like yesterday's left over chinese. However:

1. Invest in good whole spices and good air tight bottles for them.
2. Experiment with spice combinations- there are a few tried and tested combos, like the previously mentioned garam masala, but the rest is really up to your tastebuds.
3. Roughly ground spices are generally much better than finely ground spices for retaining aroma and flavour. Lightly toast the spices in a warm wok (without any oil) and then pound them until they are combined and fragrant.
4. Make as much as you need for one or two uses. Don't plan on storing it for too long.

This is roughly what I do. The most important factor is the roughness of the spices grind- a fine grind will lose flavour at an incredible rate, in my experience.

(Edit) My apologies: This is obviously if you cook Indian or any other highly spiced food from scratch. I've never purchased from that company!
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