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Re: B permit-did not move to CH within the 3 months from receiving the aproval letter

Ah, you have an approval LETTER!

I think it is a case of right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

I think you need to take the approval letter to the Basel-Stadt Migrationsamt people (near Schifflande next to the Polizei station) and TRADE IT in for a actual B-Permit. You might need to bring a passport size picture, your rental contract, and your job contract again just in case. The permit will be issued in some weeks with your employer's address and your new Basel address. Perhaps since they didn't know where you would live (i.e. you had not found an apartment when you applied for the permit) they couldn't issue you the actual real permit and gave you this letter instead thinking 1 month was enough for such work...

A quick call or visit should straighten things out. There should be a phone number on the letter... ? Usually the few days difference doesn't matter, but definitely go THIS WEEK!!!!

Hope everything works out for you!!!

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