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General info about landlord and application form

Hi everyone,

I hope I am not repeating a previous thread.

I am new to Zurich and was wondering what is the normal procedure regarding applying for a house to rent. My partner and I have viewed this really nice house and it would be perfect for us. We have let the landlord know we are interested and she has since sent out an application letter for us to sign.

Now in her email she has stated that she is happy to take 2 months rent but in the application letter it still states 3 monthsí rent, do we amend this as I would not be happy signing something that is incorrect? We also mentioned to her about Swiss caution (an insurance company who guarantee any damages etc that a deposit would without having to get up a deposit) and she said she would look into it but the application letter has that we agree on paying a deposit of 3 monthsí rent.........I donít want to lose this place but I donít want to sign anything that I canít afford or that was not agreed upon.......

Also, how long does it normally take for a landlord to get in touch with you to tell you, you either got the place or not??

Thank you for any input you can give!
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