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Re: General info about landlord and application form

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Hi Irishmammy. Look the whole renting business has so many pitfalls you would not believe it. Getting a house is bad enough but giving it up is worse still! Three months deposit is the usual here. As you are only applying (not signing the contract yet) bear in mind there may be 10, 20 30... other people applying. It is so competitive here, it can take months to find a place or you can be lucky. That could affect how long you are left waiting for news of acceptance. (Or news at all?)
What I mean is if you really like it I wouldn't risk turning her off your application by not showing you are willing and ABLE to put down 3 months rent. As for Swiss Caution, not everybody will accept this.The deposit goes into a special account, in your names, you gain the interest, just you cannot withdraw it without the landlady signing for it's release. You then get insurance for any accidental damage you might cause to the property which covers problems unsolved when you are giving back the house.
Hope that helps a bit... Good hunting... but keep looking while you are waiting...
Thank you Mabern for the very helpful advice. I know what you mean about the deposit - the only reason why we suggested Swiss Caution was because we are still paying some rent back in the UK for the 1st 3 months as a fall back plan whilst my partner is still on probation in his job as you just never know. Also we will have to move out a month earlier than expected from our paid apartment if we were to get this house so I suppose I thought it wouldn't be possible to get up that kind of money so quickly.

We will have to come up with another plan like you said to make us look like the best candidates possible for the house as we seem to be up against some competition.

Here's to happy house hunting then !
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