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Re: General info about landlord and application form

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I didn't mean to sound all negative and heavy. It's just it's so competitive here, quite a shock to view a place with forty others and the current tenants there with their children. I did it for a friend once just to get application forms for her... she was past caring what the place was really like and had to work so she couldn't go herself! But I do think that varies a lot. I've never seen those sort of crowds around where we live, just a few couples at most. Don't be afraid to search in areas well outside the centre, the trains are so good here it's easy to get around- and it's tiny as cities go.
Oh god that situation with the 40 other people sounds horrible - I don't know what is worse the poor people having to view the house with so many other 'competitors' or the poor people still living there lol!!!

You gave helpful advice nothing less so don't worry I didn't take it any other way . I am finding that houses just outside the areas I have been looking at are bigger and you get more for sometimes less then what you would pay for nearer to the city centre.
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