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Re: DIY Home Video Surveillance


I'm no security expert by any means, but I have messed around with some home surveillance stuff. I think your setup is pretty good, my only worry in such a scenario is that someone _will_ walk off with the incriminating evidence, ie your recordings.

For comparison, I've recently setup a Soekris net5501 ( with a 100GB disk to run Linux, installed Motion ( and pointed a USB camera at my living room. Motion can use both IP and USB cameras, and at a glance, can be configured to do all the things the QNAP 101 does( For example, I've set mine up to only capture snapshots and movies of actual movement, then send me alerts. The better thing, though, is that you can also set it up in conjunction with a service like Amazon's S3 and have your snapshots and movies stored there (, thus avoiding the previously mentioned scenario. Unlike the QNAP, you also have no limit on how many cameras you can add to it, although a beefier machine than the Soekris would be needed for large numbers.

One last thing, your cameras should probably be infrared-capable, and should either incorporate an infrared light, or have a source close-by, because even if your lights go out, you want to still have an idea of what the perps looked like.

Hope this helps,

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