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Re: How to I boost an incoming Wifi signal

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Another option is a more powerful Antenna like

In the past I had a Wireless network over USB with a friend, and the range was JUST too low, unless I put my PC in my Kitchen Window, but it was not really a solution to sit at the stove and surf, and move the PC when I had to cook.

1) Buy a USB Extension cable.
2) Eat 1 tube of Pringle Chips.
3) Make a hole in the Bottom of above mentioned Tube.
4) put USB Cable through hole, and connect to USB Wireless Stick
5) direct Pringles Tube towards Access Point

The Shielding from the foil inside the Tube makes it work like a directional Antenna, and for me it gave JUST what I needed to get my PC out of the Kitchen, and back in the Living Room

Love it Almost makes me wish I needed a booster just so I could try it out. Actually sod it, I might give it a try anyway
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