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Re: Play with your Balls and check for Cancer

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I was just about to post a new thread, when I saw what Uncle Max has posted. This is an unbelievable coincidence. And really, a story about my experience of how incredibly fast the health system works, here in Switzerland.
Last Saturday morning, woke up, balls aching a bit. Felt said bollocks and found a lump. Looked in the mirror before getting in the shower and I could see that clearly the right nut was bigger than the left. Sunday, I thought that I'd better tell the wife. Worriedly, she dug out our health insurance stuff and said find a doctor and get an appointment ASAP.
We have never registered with a doctor, so late, this Monday morning, I phoned a local doctor and unbelievably, they said come in tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9 am. The doctor checked out the lump and his secretary called the local hospital. Next day (Yesterday) at 2pm, I had an ultrasonic scan and was told, there and then, that it was nothing serious and it was a cyst. I hadn't been too worried, because I'd read that in the vast majority of cases, testicular lumps are benign and most people (about 97%) that do have testicular cancer survive it.
Always worth having it checked out though. Is there anywhere else in the world where things could have moved so fast?
Great news for you, and well done for actually acting upon it. A lot of others would have be fearful about getting it investigated and not made a doctors appointment. You were sensible and did the right thing and have quickly and thankfully found out it's a harmless cyst, rather than worry yourself. Hopefully if anyone else notices a similar swelling in their "nads" they'll do exactly what you did and get it checked out.
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