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FedEx / TNT - from Zurich

I'm trying to send a package to Zambia, for the second time now. The first time I sent it with the Global "Priority" option (not TNT) from the Post Office. It's now 2.5 months later and the package never arrived (estimated was max 10 working days). Luckily everything inside was replaceable, so now I'm sitting here with package #2 and weighing the options...

I was thinking of FedEx even though it's expensive (but at least I know it will arrive), but it seems like a real mess sending anything with FedEx in Switzerland (I don't have a personal FedEx account which I see you need to "apply for"). I saw on their site that they have a "dropoff" location at the Zurich Airport, does anyone know what that means? Can I go there and "ship" it (pay for it etc) or how does this dropoff location work? I guess I'm used to the US where I just go to the nearest FedEx office and get it done so to speak.

Also, question #2. Does anyone have any info on how reliable TNT is when sending from the Post office? I see they have a "Global Urgent" option which I guess would work, but I'm a bit wary of sending anything with the Swiss post to Zambia after the last "failure". But as it's handled by TNT I'm wondering if I might get luckier and it's more professional than regular post, and it's much easier than dealing with FedEx of course.

Grateful for any insight into the above 2 items, thanks!
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