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Re: Help with an injury


I have to say that what you've got sounds pretty similar to what I got around the age of 28. Though I went through periods of playing afterwards, I was never the same...for example I had nowhere near the speed I once had.

I must admit that while I had extensive rests and more or less a year off football, the injuries kept coming back, even if I was relatively fit. Obviously when I wasn't fit I'd do things like yank my hamstring out after a minute (in that vet's v EF game) or, when I gave it another go over here last year playing five-a side football, did something to my knee after a minute which I thought was bad ligament damage for a couple of weeks until I hobbled along to the doctors, had a scan and leanedit was a broken leg!

My advice would be to let the football go for this season but keep yourself in shape. In particular try and get your body alignement in order. I wished I'd concentrated on that. Basically one weakness can lead to an overcompensation somewhere else which is turns puts stress somewhere else causing another weakness. The hamstrings are particularly vulnerable to this.

Good luck and hope you end up making a full recovery. You're too young and good to succumb to something like this, but you've got to be both patient and determined to get over it.
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