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Re: Atheist bus campaign in CH

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Switzerland is an easy target. Yes, its a primarily Christian country, but nevertheless- the freedoms which allow these buses to run around insulting the view of the larger part of society are entrenched deep. I wonder if you'd feel like driving that bus through the streets of Downtown Karachi, or Jerusalem? Or wearing a t-shirt proclaiming the same message? T-shirt would be cheaper, and a hell of a lot more mobile- so you should think about it.
I've wondered about that - are people religious in CH? Or is it like back home where you're automatically a church member from the day you're borne and need to take active steps in order to exit. Most don't leave, but they don't attend church either, so then the question is if they're religious or not. Clearly, church attendance per se is not a measure of spirituality, but it does make me wonder.

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I find smug, self-satisfied atheism to be as dangerous a beast as smug, self-satisfied religion (of whatever flavour). If you really want to win people over to your cause, try logic and respect for their intelligence instead of gimmicks.
No point trying to use logic - faith isn't based on logic. Besides, why bother - as long as they don't bother you or try to teach your kids about ID rather than evolution in school.
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