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Re: What made your day today?

Aww, es, do write a letter! I wrote a letter to a bus company in Melbourne once when the bus driver had gone out of his way to help a little old lady get off the bus and other nice things all in one journey. I figure public transport staff are usually in a lose-lose situation: if they're early, the people on time are annoyed, and if they're late, everyone is annoyed. They can never exceed customer expectations regarding arrival time.

My week has been a great one in that a short story site will be paying me for a short romance and someone got in touch to arrange advertising on my blog. I figured this week must be positive, so I chased up a guy who owes me some money for some travel guides I wrote, and he was not only apologetic but also offered me more work!

...and the cat is back to normal after being a bit grumpy all week after a tooth was removed. So he's happy too.
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