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Re: Is CH/ZH going downhill? (general rant)

Open question. I am basically observing more and more anti-social behaviour that reminds me of back home (UK). I know CH is still lot safer but I am seeing a noticeable decline. People drinking and chucking beer cans in the train, swearing at normal people etc. Have you noticed a similar decline?

Something changed yesterday for me personally that kind of shattered my image of ZH. It's not like something major happened that I have not witnessed before in ZH but I saw lot of different things that made me kind of connect the dots. I think me being non-white plays a big part in this feeling. I am a peaceful non-violent type of guy but some idiots assume due to my skin colour that I might be up for a scrap!

I was stuck in the train yesterday with lot of skin heads and it gave me a very uneasy feeling as they were talking about black this black that...being with my white partner made matters worse as I had to worry not only about my safety but hers. Anyway nothing happened but so easily things could have gone wrong.

What are your thoughts on the Euro2008 coming? There will be increased presence of drunk folks all over ZH and I bet lot of trouble makers as well.

Any views on some of the aggressive ice hockey fans while we are at it?

Ok sorry that I am rambling. It's just that I am starting to feel lost in ZH/UK/Europe I hate not being able to blend in visually.

Edit- I did not mean to attack any race or nationality as most people are good. I basically feel lost as just few idiots can manage to dent my quality of life!
Yes - I'd agree that Switzerland is going downhill a bit, I noticed it over the course of my time living there. Anti-social behaviour was getting that little bit more prevalent, the trains were getting ever so slightly grottier, more vandalism etc. etc.

It's still quite a way behind the UK though. I'd guess somewhere between 15-20 years less 'degraded'. Long term, I'd guess it'll go the same way but as I said we're talking decades.

Also, don't forget that the UK isn't one huge hellish hole, as one tends to imagine after living in CH for a while. The British media plays up the worst aspects and gives a very false impression of things and the Swiss do like to imagine that Switzerland is the pinnacle of civilisation, far ahead of any other country - an attitude which can pervade even into cynical expat's mindsets.

The majority of the UK is still fine to live in. Maybe not as clinically clean or safe as the average place in Switzerland, but then not as 'sterile' feeling either.
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