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Re: divorce- division of property

Hello! I am married, have no children and I am currently holding a job. I am trying to reach into an amicable divorce with my husband but he is continously making threats that if I do not agree with his offer ( which is about a 5% of the 50% I thought I was entitled to)I will not receive a penny because he has moved all our savings to another bank in Switzerland or abroad. Furthermore, although he makes five times what I make, he has explained to me that he has documentation supporting that he was not able to save money during our marriage.

In other countries like in the US, I know it is not so easy to hide absolutely all your cash and lie on your expenses, here it seems it is not the case. I have a lawyer but he advices that is hard here for a woman with a job to get any of the savings accumulated through the marriage and that only 50% of the pension is a secured thing.

Can somebody give me advice? I feel terribly abused by my husband and I don t know if I should fight for what I think is right or just put it all in the past . Somebody married with no children that went through a divorce in Switzerland can give me their advice?. I will really apreciate it!!
All is not as bad as it sounds... Firstly you are entitled to 50% of his pension fundS note you are entitled to 50% of AHV/BVG(LPP)/3rd Pillar.

Then if he has been so kind as to have moved the money from an account to another then he has left a trace and your lawyer can follow that or at least ask the court to and he is left to explain why he should have all of it. I would suggest asking for 25% take it or fight. Thereafter the courts are likely to be more favourable than when a woman (or man if the boot was on the other foot) wants all they are "entitled" to. If your lawyer is not so keen to follow this route I would suggest going and getting another who is also female. They tend to have more of an interest...
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