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Re: Is CH/ZH going downhill? (general rant)

An observation to add to this. Perhaps showing Die Schweiz is a more "normal" country than some of us like to think.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was wandering round the streets North of Haerdbruecke in Zuerich, when I found myself in the middle of a line of Swiss heavies with "POLIZEI" on their jackets.

Blue uniforms, round shields, armoured vans, I saw what I hoped was a tear gas gun (because anything else with a muzzle that wide would have to be an RPG launcher).

Looking down the street was a crowd of a few hundred people heading across the road.

I made myself scarce.

There was no trouble, but the pigs^H^H^H^H local law enforcement officers were out in force, just in case, no doubt.
Hardbrücke => Hardturm stadium, FCB playing (footie) against GCZ.

Whenever FC Basel plays the Grasshoppers Zurich, it's riot time. Sorta when HC Lugano comes to battle the ZSC Lions/Kloten Flyers. Just plain old hooliganism, nothing to see here, carry on!
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