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Re: The iPhone 3G thread and FAQ

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You're right Dodger, they're not vector maps but rather bloated google map tiles (17 levels of zoom) so the size of Basel on its own is about 20MB.

However there is a standalone desktop app which allows you to download the maps easily and even decide which level of zoom you want. It also simplifies the wireless transfer to the iphone, so its great for a weekend in Prague or London but not if you want the whole of Europe on your device.
This appears to be a good breakdown of expected map file size. Picking different zoom levels for different areas is a good idea. I do a fair bit of long-distance driving in Germany, so while it would be handy to have detail at an Autobahn level, map details for every single town on the way would be pointless and prohibitive.

A while ago I saw a separate GPS module at (site down at the moment). Your device communicates via WiFi with this keyring-sized module, which contains all the map info and a GPS receiver. So then no 3G is needed at all. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anything has happened there for months so I guess it's dead.
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