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Re: Who will win the World Cup?

England don't stand a chance, not like that. The only reason they got the goals was because T&T were tired. I really can't see any other team being fearful of this English side. England needs a British manager, there is something about Sven and the Swedish that the English don't know, it's called 'lagom'.

There is no English translation, it comes pretty close to 'sufficient', 'just enough', 'not too much and not too little'. It can relate to a portion size, a distance, for a example a portion of food can be 'lagom stor' - just enough to hit the spot, touch sides.

This runs deep in the Swedish mentality, a negotiation can reach a state of silent consensus, by way of lagom although not all Swedes would not agree with this. You have to be a non Swede to pick up on this.

Sven on his 5 mill a year, sees the England performance of just good enough, it's lagom, it'll do, if they get knocked out in the next round, well, they got there in the first place, and that'll do, now where's my salary and media exposure?

How would a fierce Scotsman's reaction be? Think Furguson or O'Neil? Sven is a loser and so is this English side under his management.


The Italian/USA game was a firecracker... I'm so glad I recorded match of the day... The Italians are so arrogant and they're in trouble now, although they'll most likely go through, but they deserved a pasting. Wouldn't it be great if Czech republic and Ghana went though?

Today's footie looks good... we're in for a treat.
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