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Re: Good butcher in Luzern area

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I am going to let you in a on a secret. I just went and bought a wok in this wonderful kitchen shop in Luzern, the woman was telling me there is this amazing organic farm about a 15 minute bike ride where you can buy meat straight from the farmers. It is open on a Friday afternoon after 2pm and Saturday 8 am - 1 pm.

Their website is:

I have not been yet.... but I am sure it will be beautiful meat (well she said so)!
It is good, we have bought a lot from here & my wife has a weekly order for her special needs home she works at. All kinds of cuts/meat & so fresh & untinkered with you need to season well when cooking.

They also do a barbecue selection, sell olots of other farm produce, very friendly & highly recommended place to shop!
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