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Re: The iPhone 3G thread and FAQ

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Hi folk,

Spot the iphone virgin

I bought my iphone today, and it hooked up to the sat nav in the car on the way home no problem, and I recieved calls (kept my old number). I got home setup apple id and itunes, and incorrectly entered the phone number, but didn't notice. I did the sync' of the phone, then started to wondered why the phone had not rung. I checked and I noticed my mistake with the number, the phone number is incorrect in itunes, and the 'My Number' display on the iphone, since the sync'. It will send and receive text, and make calls, but will not receive them, I do get a voice message in German/French/Italian (none of which I speak well enough), which I think says the phone is blocked! Also it will no longer accept bluetooth although it is turned on, but the icon is grey, and the icon to the left of the time switches betweens a small capital E & 3G, should it do that?

I've checked the manual, and the apple support, but couldn't find anything useful to tell me what the problem is or how to fix it... so hopefully the EF cavalry can come to the rescue. It's made worse by the fact that I go to France 1st thing Monday, so need to try and sort this out quick sharp, so any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi PG,
Just seen your PM, but perhaps others may also have some ideas.
I did the activation thing something like 7 months ago so I can't even remember what the procedure was, but perhaps a first step might be to reset the iphone.

To reset iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. During this time, a red "power off" slider may appear and the screen may go black, but do not release Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears.

It will do no harm and might restore your bluetooth. However it sounds like you may have a network block issue, which your provider (orange/swisscom) should be able to sort out quickly. It might even be worth taking it back to the store and not leaving until they've sorted it out. Sorry I can't be of more help, but since its a one-time only event its impossible for me to reproduce here.

Good luck, and hope you get on with enjoying your new toy.
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