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Re: Pickpockets in Prague--don't be stupid like I was!

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Why do people keep their wallet in their back pocket? Compared to having it in your front pocket, having it in your back pocket must be: 1) Harder for you to get to, 2) Easier for pickpockets to get to, 3) Be uncomfortable when sitting down, 4) It can cause alignment problems in your back if you sit on it constantly. Compared to these four obvious disadvantages, I don't know of even one advantage. Anyone care to enlighten me?
Ever seen the Seinfeld where George's wallet gets so big that it basically explodes apart...that sometimes happens to me and I find that it fits better in the back pocket...also, I'm really tall and things seem to fall out of my front pockets with some pants when I am sitting down, especially in lower chairs.

I'm sure it is harder to take from the front pocket, but I'm not so sure I would have noticed that either considering the level of the distraction (and my front pockets on the pants I was wearing could basically be accessed from the side as well. My real error was putting as many important things in one place, as I would still be hitting myself if I had merely lost it as well.
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