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Re: Pickpockets in Prague--don't be stupid like I was!

how about this for bad luck...

a few years ago my mum was travelling to see her folks in Poland. She boarded a crowded train and eventually found a seat. by the time the ticket inspector came my mum had realised that not only had her purse and passport been stolen, but her rail ticket as well. but a kind passenger bailed her out. My mum managed to get a replacement passport during the following week, only to have that stolen on her way back home!

In total, through her carelessness, my mum had lost about 5 passports in as many years!

and what about this... when my partner and i went on a road trip to spain, we'd heard about the levels of crime and so were extremely careful not to give the pickpockets any advantage... but nothing prepared us for what happened near Valencia. We were on our way to Barcelona but stopped off at the famous tomato fight festival en route. we had a hire car but left everything in the boot, with nothing in sight in the main part of the car. after the fight, we returned to the car to find that it had been broken into... they took anything electrical of value, rummaged through our clothes and took our money. they were kind enough to leave us with our passports though. We only had 10 euros and less than half a tank of fuel. we had no choice but to head back to Valencia and hope that one of the hotels would take pity on us and accept our friend's credit card details over the phone, which fortunately one place did (but bearing in mind, we were expecting to be turned away immediately given that we were wearing tomato sodden clothes, which by this did not smell particularly nice). for two days we waited for a wire transfer - we could do nothing but eat at the hotel and amass a nice big bill!

oh the joy of going on holiday!
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