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Re: Which Zurich suburb is the best place to rent?

Ok, here's my humble take...

Well Seefeld (kreis 8) is a nice place to be, especially if your train goes from Stadelhofen. It's great to be near the lake and you have all the bars and places to eat around. The moment you move pass Hoeschgasse, it almost takes on a village feel with people actually waving at familiar faces and the coop ladies recognise you. (I notice this difference when I started working here). I think the friendliest Zurichers are here. One thing to watch out for is early morning noise when restaurants and supermarkets get their deliveries done, when you pick your place.

I also like Enge (Kreis 2) - but mostly the parts near the lake. It's also very central and hey, you're near the lake and paradeplatz. That's really cool.

Kreis 7 is also very nice and hilly. Lovely views and plenty of trees. But you have to watch for public transport.

Kreis 6 - this is where I live now. I like the university feel. A few bars, restaurants, kebab and pizza places - so you can always just go out nearby but it's not Seefeld or Escher-Wyss Platz. It's quiet as it's "off" from the center. But you're at the base of the Zuriberg like Kreis 7 and 8.

Kreis 1 - Niederdorf. I would personally like to live here, if I can ever find space and afford it. One might say that it's noisy, but niederdorf has many nooks and crannies away from the main streets, so you may be away from the "central" spots.

Wipkingen - is that Kreis 9? Is also a nice place. Close to Hoenggerberg (sp?) and the river. Got a village feel. Across the river from Escher-Wyss-Platz so plenty of stuff happening close-by. Trains to Opfikon, might pass there as it's close to Wipkingen Bhf and Hardbruecke Bhf - which are both between Oerlikon and Hbf.

Away from Zurich - Mark is right, taxes are lower as you move away from Zurich City. But rent isn't that much different in the first villages outside. I find that public transport is also lacking by comparison. Yes, there are buses but there are not as often. Most people I know who live outside the city, do majority of their travelling in cars.

So, that's my take on zurich. I have not lived in all of these places so this is only going by impression.

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