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Re: Cycling in Switzerland

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I'm glad to hear that you weren't too badly injured, Eire. I thought about mentioning in my little rant above that bike lanes that cause you to ride on the wrong side of the road are the worst of the lot. They intensify all of the problems that I described above.

Patrick said above that he "feels very safe" cycling on the bike paths. This is why the engineers build them I think - because it makes people feel safer. Whether or not they are safer is an entirely separate matter, and I'm far from being convinced. Part of the research that I do (I'm a post-doc researcher at a university) is related to risk perception and the inherent biases people have in their judgments of risk. Maybe I should start a new research project on bike path risk perception versus objective risk levels.
Hmmm…now just for the sake of argument:
Consider this anecdote. With mounting causalities of fighter aircraft in WW 2, the Allies undertook a major study to identify the weak spots in their aircraft. They analyzsed thousands of damaged aircraft, and found that it was a particular section of fuselage that had taken the most hits. So they decided that was the vulnerable section and needs to be strengthened in future.

Think before you skip to the next post, what was the flaw in their thinking….

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