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Re: Cycling in Switzerland

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Let me clarify -- I feel very safe in the bike lanes (the ones on the actual road, but designated for cyclists). In this case the roads are nice and wide, essentially there is just an extra lane for bicyclists. I feel unsafe on some of the paths -- in particular the ones in urban/suburban areas where the path crosses a lot of intersections and parking lots. The paths out in the country are fine.
Agree with that.

Those bike paths on the road from Wetzikon to Uster and other places, are indeed a good idea, but there is not adequate signalisation, it simply looks like a flat sidewalk, there are not clear entry/exit point for the bikes, no yield or stop signalisation for the cars when they can cross the path, not red signalisation on the bike path when there is a high probability of cars invading the bike lane.

In that sense the "just painted yellow" bike lanes in the city are better implemented and safer.
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