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Re: Hiring Au Pair, Non-EU Family in Zurich

I think you may will have problems about the language part of the regulation. As I understand, and with a talk I had a few month ago with the federal office responsible for Au-Pairs (We at awewa planning to get a license as an agency as we have a special language course for Au-Pair conform to the 120 h a year) the main spoken language in the family should be the language of the living part in Switzerland. So for Zürich this would mean German.

Contact Pro Filia, Beckenhofstrasse 16, 8006 Zürich, Tel. 044 363 55 01 for any questions you may have, as this organisation where also involved with the regulations which are now valid.

On an other tread I translated the regulation for Au-Pairs as follow, and it is the seam for all cantons in Switzerland according to there represent authorities.

Ok I took the time to translate (as good as I could) the information sheet found at the internet site from AVA Zürich.

The original information can be found here: http://www.arbeitsbewilligungen.zh.c...aupair_de.html

Translation from information sheet Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (AWA) Zürich

In relation to the contract with the EU about Au-Pair workers are a young person which comes to a country to learn a language and for general education in culture. The language of the country is another then the language of the Au-Pair and the Au-Pair will do light works at the household to earn here living expenses.

Permission will be given in relation to the foreigner regulation (AuG/Verordung VZAE/ Weisung VEP) Permission in Zürich will come from the AWA.

- Permission for Au-Pairs will be given to EU-EFTA citizens and can be given also for person of third counties.

- Au-Pairs contracts from a third country (not EU-EFTA) will be have to be proofed by a registered agency with refer to the Arbeitsvermittlungsgesetz AVG.

- The age of an Au-Pair from a third country has to be between 18 to 25 years. Au-Pairs form EU 8 Staats between 17 to 30 years.

- The host family and the region should be part of an other language then the one from the Au-Pair. In Zürich the language in the host family and the region should be German.

- The working hours must not be more then 30 hours a week by one full free day during the week.

- At minimum one 2 day free time must be ones a month over a weekend.

- The housewife or houseman must be present in the house at minimum 50% of the working time from the Au-Pair.

- The work for the Au-Pair must be light work in household and child care and the Au-Pair must receive a salary for it.

- The visit of a language course in the local language for the Au-Pair is a must with at least 120 hours a year. The host family must look for the school before permission will be given.

- The Au-Pair has the right to live in the family house with her own room

- No permission will be given for an Au-Pair to families or single persons without children.

- The finance of the family must be in good condition

The general working contract regulation are the one for Hauswirtschaftliche Arbeitnehmer im Kanton Zürich.

The employer obliged that he/she will take care for he school visits of the Au-Pair and is responsible for any questions and problems with the Au-Pair. The start of the school must be within 4 weeks after arrival of the Au-Pair. The cost for the language course must be payed by the host family. The minimum amount for net salary is regulated in refer of the size of the family and must be between CHF 700.-- to CHF 800.— a month.

Should the Au-Pair not eat with the family on free days the money for eating has to be paid to the Au-Pair referring the regulation form the AHV. In time of vacancies the Au-Pair has a right to receive the whole salary including natural salary in CHF referring the regulation from AHV. Au-Pairs must be insured against llness and accidents with refer to the Unfallversicherungsgesetzt. The taxes, social security expenses, 50% of the health insurance and the full amount for non-occupational accident insurance can be taken from the Au-Pairs salary. The tax regulation starts when the Au-Pair is 19 years old.

Questions can be asked by Hauswirtschaft Zürich, Florastr. 48, 8008 Zürich or Pro Filia, Beckenhofstr. 16, 8006 Zürich.

Au-Pairs from third country can entry only after they received there permission from the Migrationsamtes des Kanton Zürich.

Au-Pairs form EU/EFTA countries are under the regulation of Aufenthalt und Kurzaufenthaltsbewilligungen EU/EFTA.

Requests for Emploery must go to the Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit. With the request the forms „Erklärung zur Einstellung von Au-Pair Angestellten“, „Einreisegesuch“ and „Zusatzblatt für Gastfamilen“ must be send in.

Aditional information form AWA Zürich

- The maximum duration for an Au-Pair contract is 12 month.
- For Au-Pairs form EU-EFTA countries the seam regulation as for Au-Pairs from third countries are valid with the exception that they can stay maximum two years
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