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Re: EU Permits - A few bullet points

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Hi everyone, this is my first post and I just wanted to use this opportunity to introduce myself.
Hi Shorrick, thanks for this wonderful thread as it gave me a lot of answers to what I have been searching for on the net. Can you or anyone please just shed a bit of light on this.
I am a UK citizen, currently living in the UK, I plan to move to Switzerland(I'm thinking Zurich) in about a month. My wife (got married Dec 2008)is Nigerian and she lives in Nigeria, can you tell me what documents will she be required to present to the swiss embassy in Nigeria for her to get a travel permit(I dont know what kind of visa she has to apply for) to come join me here. Also are the authorities more concrned about having a high paying professional job to be able to prove that I can support her and our daughter (she is 3 an she is British as well) or is it aout having a steady source of income.
I hope this isnt too much, any help will you can will be much appreciated. Thanks
As a UK citizen you have the right to come and work in Switzerland - all you need is a job. You also have the right to have your wife and daughter accompany you. For the exact document requirements contact the Swiss embassy in Nigeria but birth certificate, passport and marriage certificate are obvious as (probably) is birth certificate of your daughter.

One thing, you are going to be asked why you aren't living together at the moment - the Swiss do like married couple to cohabit . If there is any immigration reason your wife could not join you in the UK, then it is possible that this will also apply to Switzerland.
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