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Re: How long does it take for the application process?

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I have a few questions that I think most people on this forum would like to know an answer to:
  1. How many applications did you have to submit, before being offered any interviews?
  2. Usually what was the time period in which the companies or agencies responded?
  3. What was your success rate? (interviews failed before finding a job)
  4. How long did the whole process took?
  5. What are your thoughts on the willingness of Swiss companies to hire people from abroad? Are usually companies willing to invest in a non-Swiss citizen, that isn't fluent in the local language if his skills are better, or they would rather have somebody from Switzerland who can just do the job, but that's it?
This is going to vary greatly from person to person and job to job but for what it's worth:

1. Job 1 took me 4 months of semi-intensive searching to find, couple of weeks for them to respond to my application, 1st interview one week later, second interview a couple of weeks after that and started on the next available 1st of the month so all in all about 3 months from writing the original application.

Job 2 was super-quick because they needed someone right away.

2. For other applications the response levels varied. Some responded straight away, others took a few weeks and a few didn't bother.

3. Had about 5 interviews in a 4 month period. Shortlisted for 2.

4. Answers above.

5. If you are weak in the local language but your English is fairly strong look for openings needing English. I see that you are from Romania so perhaps you should see if there are any Romanian companies represented here and see if your embassy has any suitable vacancies.

I have probably been lucky and found the two jobs I have had here relatively easily. I have never had the impression that the Swiss didn't want to hire a foreigner (I worked for one Swiss company) because in my case they wanted someone with mother-tongue English. My current company is international and English is the general language spoken.

If you are the right person for the job you are in with as good a chance as anyone and any extra permit requirements that may arise will be straightened out by the HR department if they really want you.
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