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Re: DHL and customs on gift?

I'm curious to hear if someone has the policy/rules on this for receiving packages from the States. I currently live in Italy (but will be moving to Switzerland over the summer) and I often receive packages from my mother in the States.

In Italy, I do have to pay duty (dogana) and delivery charges on packages I receive from my mom. She always marks them as a gift, but that doesn't matter. Italy still charges a duty because it's based on the value (and sometimes the amount paid for shipping it over). It's never consistent though - sometimes the courier charges me the duty and delivery charges and sometimes not. I've managed to find on the internet the rules on charging duty on packages received from the U.S. and the courier guy should actually almost always charge me something, but only has a few times. I don't think the courier or the Poste Italiane always know what the policies are. Go figure....that's Italy for you!

P.S. The delivery charges are for the courier here in Italy. Basically my mom has paid for the postage to Italy and then there is a courier fee from Italian customs (in Milan I think) to my home in Torino. I rarely get charged this though.
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