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Sorry I did mean July 2010, I've booked my appointment anyways with the US embassy which only leaves me 6 working days between appointment and leaving for the US !

Has anyone had a similar appointment before and how long does it usually take ?
This is what I have gathered from the website:

==What should I do if I am not approved for a travel authorization?== If you receive a Travel Not Authorized response to your travel authorization application, but wish to continue with your travel plans, please visit the United States Department of State Web site at for additional information about applying for a visa. The denial of a travel authorization only prohibits travel under the Visa Waiver Program and is not a determination of eligibility for a visa to travel to the United States.
In the event you are not approved for a travel authorization, no court shall have jurisdiction to review an eligibility determination under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Hope it helps.
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