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Re: The iPhone 3G thread and FAQ

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The price might drop even further once your contract ends. I'm actually in the same boat having signed a 12 month contract (so glad I didn't go for 24 months) last August. The only question now is whether I upgrade to the 3GS or go for a Palm Pre.
I was thinking that as well (also glad I only chose 12 monhts). I'm definitely going to wait the six weeks or so until the contract is up, as I want to get a better impression of the new handset from user reviews as well a potential price drop.

I'm severely tempted by the Pre, but we're a Mac household and have got very used to the tight iPhone integration with the rest of the kit - I'm not convinced the Pre syncing with iTunes is going to last long.

I even found myself entertaining thoughts of owning both in an idle moment yesterday, but pushed them away sharpish

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Let's look at another comparison for the 32g unsubsidised cost - you can buy the cheapest Apple laptop, a white 13" Macbook, for exactly the same price: CHF1299. I believe the laptop is unsubsidised!
Yeah, but you'd look pretty odd walking around with one of those clamped to your ear...

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