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Re: Question about doctor/pregnancy/health insurance

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As I already had written in previous post I am ca. 7 weeks pregnant. And of course I am still with a LOT of questions and doubts

I try to book an appointment to see a doctor in the Frauenklinik in KSBaden, but the only time available has for the 24th of June. In the meantime I had a serious cold, with fever and a lot of cough and I had visit my family doctor that advice me to visit a GO because of the medication that I could take. So I have done that. Last week I went to a private GO (I try to call to the frauenklinik in Baden, but they can not see me on that time) because of my cold but he decide to see if everything was ok with the baby and performed an ultrasound and blood tests.
So now I don't know what to do in my appointment in the KSBaden, should I say that I was in the doctor before? Should I ask the private GO to give me my exams results and take then with me to the appointment in KSB?

Probably if I repeat the exams again I will have to pay one of the appointments because I only have basic insurance, am I right? Thus anyone have idea about the price of this exams?

I keep calling to my insurance company to have some informations but has been impossible, or no one speaks English at the moment or no one answers the phone.......

Firstly, congratulations. Pregnancy is unfortunately a time when I have lots of doctors visits. When you feel ill (non PG related), you can just go and see a normal GP. They can also tell your over the phone what meds you can take.

Your insurance company will have published on their website which ultrasounds they cover. My San San basis policy says 8 doctors visits, 2 ultrasounds (normally around 20 weeks and 30 weeks), 3 breastfeeding consultations and CHF 100 towards a birth prep course. Having the extra insurance bits it says they will also pay for more ultrasounds during complications. My last insurer (Progres) paid for around 20 preventative ultrasounds on the basic insurance when my son wanted to arrive early.

The doctor will list on the bill what week you are in and having a repeated ultrasound with a different doctor when nothing was wrong won't be covered. If you were spotting or cramping, then it would certainly be covered. If you go to see a private doctor because your doctor wasn't available, then it should be covered too. Extra ultrasounds are quick and my doctors list them under a normal diagnosis appointment.

I would postpone your appointment at the other clinic until the 12 week when they can do the 1st trimester test/NT scan at the same time.
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