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Re: Good reasonable accountant / tax advisor for Swiss expats in the UK?

Okay, Iím not a tax adviser so I take this for what itís worth. It sounds to me like the HMRC are looking to target people who are playing games with the taxman and living close to the edge as far as the spirit of the non residency rules go.

As far as Income tax goes, it seems to me that if someone moves to Switzerland with their family (if they have one), file their P85 with HMRC to show they've left the UK, have accommodation here, have a permanent contract of employment here, are taxed as a permanent resident here, have health insurance and AVS here, I doubt they're the ones the HMRC will crack down on even if they have a property in the UK and return to the UK once in a while (normal holiday entitlement) to visit friends and family. This "lifestyle" points to them being a genuine non resident.
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