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Re: Rabies vaccine

And to clarify further , are you concerned about vaccination in order to import a pet to Switzerland, or about vac regimes once here?


Based on your profile, I'm going to guess that you are asking about bringing a pet from the US into everything you need to know is on the BVet website:

Click on the pdf file" Traveling with pets: dogs, cats and ferrets from third countries."

The US is considered a low risk country for rabies, therefore paragraph 1.3.1 applies.

"Dogs, cats and ferrets from these countries must have been vaccinated against rabies with an inacti-
vated vaccine (having an efficacy that corresponds at least to one international antigen unit according
to WHO standards) as recommended by the manufacturer and at least 21 days before being imported.
For animals given regular booster vaccinations within the period recommended by the manufacturer,
the waiting period of 21 days does not apply. "

If importing from a low risk country the titre test is not needed - that only applies to countries deemed higher risk. For the full list, see the pdf file: '"List of countries: Rabies - dogs, cats and ferrets."


If however, you were asking about vac regimes once here, there is no federal requirement to vaccinate against rabies in Switzerland. If, however you are going to cross borders with your pet, you will likely need to keep vacs up to date to do so.

Because we travel frequently, I vaccinate my healthy dogs according to the mfgr's protocol, which is now on a 3 year basis for rabies, combi yearly or every two years.

I do not vaccinate (i.e., booster) my elderly dogs, or dogs who are not in perfect health. If a question arises, I titre test and then decide what to do based on the results. If my vet and I determine that vaccinating is in the dog's best interest, then I do so using single vacs rather than combis. Opinions differ on vac regimes - talk to your vet as to what is best for you and your dog. (Bearing in mind you cannot enter another country with expired vacs.)


But... if you are asking about vaccinating for a different reason, please clarify.

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