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jewellery making equipment in Zurich....

Afternoon all,

Its the missus's birthday at the weekend, and with my planning skills being what they are, I've so far got her bugger all. I had better get my finger out.

Recently she and a friend made some jewellery at home which she really seemed to enjoy, so I thought I might get her something related to that.

She did tell me all about it, including where she bought the beads, and what other things she used - but being a man, and due to the inherent dullness of the subject matter, I only heard the first few sentences and then spent the rest of the conversation nodding, whilst covertly thinking about something else. I vaguely remember something about 'clasp', 'beads', 'Neiderdorf', and 'shop'.

Does anyone know where I can buy some beady-claspy-chainy products in Zurich - suitable for making, like.... necklaces, and bracelets?

I fear without your help I may front up on the big day with a bag full of conkers and some shoelaces - which may not be suitable.

Thanks in advance.
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