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Funny Man: Going Hunting

One day a funny man had gone hunting. While they had been walking through the forest, they had started to argue about whether to hunt a cormorant or a woodcock or an crow. His friend had been insisting on hunting crows:
“Look, Funny! The only duty is to find a chinar in the forest. If we find a chinar, there will be lots of crows on it. As soon as rifle shots, we can cook and eat the crow that will be shot.
The funny man had said “Shame on you! Is crow meat edible?”
“Yes, it is. I was alone during hunting last week. I hunted an crow, cooked and ate it. It is meat, it is a normal meat.”
“Really! Was it delicious?”
“It was nice to eat it but it was a little bitter. Namely it was like quail on which hot pepper was sprinkled.”
“You mean that we are going to eat quail meat with hot pepper soon. I wish I could hunt an crow..!”

Later the funny man and his friend had seen a few chinar trees further on. They had separated to set a trap for the crows and they had moved forward silently from two different sides with their hands on the triggers. His friend climbed up one of the chinar trees just for a joke without being seen by the funny man and he had sung like an crow. Thinking that his friend, who had been on the top of the chinar;
had been an crow, he had hunted him just with one shot.
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