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Re: And without windows?

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What about bathrooms without windows?

My bathroom is in the inner side of the apartment (bordering with the neighbour's apartment, not on one of the outer building walls). So no windows.

There is a hole in the wall high up above the shower, with a sort-of filter cap, going to what seems to be (I haven't tried opening it yet) a ventilation pipe in the wall heading up. However it does not feel like anything is actively ventilating through it (no "wind" when putting the hand on it). Is there supposed to be a ventilator somewhere in that pipe? Perhaps it's broken?

Before I always had windows on the bathroom, but this one does get a lot more humid after showers, and I think there's something that looks like mould near one corner of the ceiling now (not sure if it's new).
-- Tom
It might be an electric fan but just not connected up. Our fan was connected to the light switch which was a pain in the bum every time you clicked the light on to just pop in and look for a hairbrush or change the towels so we had an electrician split the switch into two switches - one for the light and one for the fan.

It is possible that the previous tenent might have disconnected it and not bothered to reconnect it or, like we did, use a split switch.
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