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Re: August 1 and all that noise

Well, I also called my vet and he's going to give me a small sedative for Lily. He suggests that we start her on it tomorrow. Our nejghborhood has a lot of kids and they've been trying out their fireworks all day today. I think Lily is getting used to them a little, but every once in a while, she hears something and comes to sit right next to us. I was able to keep her attention while I was walking her, so that's a good sign. My husband is leaving tomorrow for two weeks in the US, too, so that's a double stress whammy. The suitcase is never a good sign. But we'll have a quiet night tomorrow and and a quiet day on Saturday.

I read the article... good advice. I'm trying the wrap method too - it's the same principle as weighted blankets for autistic kids.

Good advice to act normally, or at least quiet and not make a big deal of it - I guess I'm reactive too.
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