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Re: Are the swiss racist?

Hey you all!!

You're a bunch of ignorant people!! Do you honestly think it's anything better in your home countries??? i tell you something: IT'S NOT!!!! I know it's just the same or even worse in my home country as it is over here in switzerland! ..and to all the americans here complaining about the swiss: you're the last people who should complain about racist people in switzerland!! look at what is happening in your own country..and look at your president!! the swiss are not more or less racist than people elsewhere. besides.. you're discriminating the swiss now, too! so.. that basically makes you all being racists, too!
Ah another US expat democrat... is that racist...
Now, about the US president.. Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice... very racist...
He may be many things (like the anti-christ for 115% of democrats), but racist... hmmm... probably not.

Now, I've seen what happens on extwats-in-zurich (cheers Lob) when someone disagrees with US expats, so let's see what happens now I've posted...
Unless you're not from the US of A and are taking upon yourself to be offended on people's behalf?

Anyway somewhat off topic, perhaps.

It is better in the UK, far better than here. And I can't recall knowing anyone (non-Swiss) with racist views.