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Re: Are the swiss racist?

To JudyK, yes, our home countries can be bad, but in mine it is not regarded socially acceptable to be derogative of people due to their race/religion etc. I think that is the crux of this thread, and the title is a bit misleading, in that yes, all countries are probably full of citizens with views one could consider racist, but what some of us foreigners are struck by, is that here it seems more accepted than elsewhere as something that is normal. And I for one do not ever want to get to a stage where society does not fight this anymore. So yes, this should also apply to the US if that is appropriate, but this I cannot judge, and probably deserves its own thread in any case.

And I am not American nor from the UK.

Oh and if you need an example, I thought the London commemorations, at least the advance special that I saw on the bombings and people's reactions, were an example of how it could also be approached, I mean London's attitude towards multiculturism. It is possible that my impression is wrong, as it is purely based on media images, but unfortunately, the impression of some Swiss people is based on real experiences. It would be nice if these are an exception, and especially if the young Swiss can be a bridge generation, perhaps like the young Germans have been.